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Swinging Bridges Ride, Southeastern Missouri

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Soo, around here, the first weekend in May, several buddies of mine and their friends all hold a ride called the Swinging Bridges Ride. First started out by taking a tour of some asphalt and gravel roads around Potosi, Bixby, Salem area to take a look at some cable bridges that were built by some random guy many years ago. No engineering degree or anything. Many of them have been replaced over the years, but once a ride gets started, it tends to keep going as long as people keep attending.

I was finally able to join them this year on my trusty little TW. I mostly ride street on my FZ6, and tend to take the TW out on the ORV areas or the occasional conservation road.

Didn't seem to have a problem keeping up with the big bikes when it came down to it.

Especially considering the non stop rain we had the day low water bridge was so deep and swift, I was afraid I would get swept away as I crossed it...

TW on the right side...

But I made it.

Of course, someone had to show off....


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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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