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T-dub in Odessa!

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Rainman, too bad we missed each other in Odessa. The only other TW I saw was a 2008 in the campground and on the poker run. I don't know if they are a forum member or not. I also heard a couple of accounts of a girl being on a t-dub as well. I had a great time on the poker run, and my buddy also rode his IT250 in the 1 lap vintage class of the race on Sunday. We camped out in the weekend city of RVs, but it was a fun!

I decided to ride in rememberance of Tw2007. I didn't know Mike personally, but he contributed a lot and I just hate to see so many good people passing on these days.

We trailered the bikes in and set up camp.

Getting ready to head out.

On the trail.

This ride had it all! Views, a river, various terrain, hillclimbs, whoops (okay, too many whoops!) loose powdery dirt, knarly rocky sections, friends, fun, and a free Oboy! Oberto sausage at a checkpoint! I admit that my humble trailbike with a big dude like me maxing out the suspension was no match for everyone on their MX bikes, but I had a blast and was never left too far behind. One of the dudes in our riding foursome, after we pulled one of the hill climbs yelled to me, "Dude! You ride the $%^&* out of that thing!"

We were some dusty, crusty dudes by the end!
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I'll probably never be able to make it, but this looks like it would be fun, especially with fellow t-dubber's. Have fun and let us know if Rainman shows up. Haven't heard from him in a long time here on the forum.
Good to hear. Tell him I said howdy when you see him. Figured he'd moved on from the TW, but I can definitely understand the time involved when it comes to a new baby.
Which event did you participate in? Family Poker Run, Iron Man Poker Run, Dual Sport or did you race in the 100?
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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