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I think, some of you in the US know the German band "Rammstein".

But personal prefer the band "Die Ärzte" ("The Doctors").

I've searched a bit for there songs and found the song "Friedenspanzer" (Peace Tank).

I've never seen this song before and I have to say, I like it.

This song from 1993, but the theme/subject is still current.

Wikipedia does have a nice description:

"'Friedenspanzer' (in German: Peace tank) is a punk song by Die Ärzte. It's the thirteenth track and the third single from their 1993 album Die Bestie in Menschengestalt. This song is about a war machine, that spreads peace, love and solutions for problems in the world, and helps people."


And here's the video (with English subtitle):

Enjoy it.


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It's great that you like it.

I've searched a bit for some other stuff with English subtitle.

So here's something different:

Die Ärzte - Unrockbar (English subtitles)

-> "unrockable"

More fun, more rock

Die Ärzte - Männer sind Schweine (english subs)

-> Men are pigs/bustards, yes, this is sometimes a truth.

But I am sure, that you will like the video.

You ask why?!?

The answer: Lara Croft's butt!!!!

Do you want more????

-> YouTube search results:ärzte+english

You should try these one:

- Die Ärzte: Junge (English subs [uncensored])

-->> Is made like a zombie horror film.

- Die Ärzte -- Schlaflied [English Subtitles]

-->> Do you need a new lullaby for your kids??? This will be the right one

- Die Ärzte - Schrei nach Liebe (english subs)

-->> A very good song against racism.
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