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tappet nut came loose

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600 miles torqued correctly, but its tighter now. any veterans ever experience this? Scared the shizer out of me today. I know my motor
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This just happened to me about 500 miles after my last valve adjustment. I was doing 60 when it stopped making power. It was still running but as you can imagine it was tapping loudly. My intake valve and adjuster got mashed.

You can see where the valve stem is smashed by comparing them.

Here is the bad intake vavle

Here is the good exhaust valve

Smashe intake valve adjuster is on the left

Had the dreaded base gasket leak too so I pulled the cylinder and also found my oil ring was stuck.

Been with out my TW for TWO weeks waiting for the parts. Being T-Dubless is excruciating!!!
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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