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Well, looks like this very well may be a possibility. Have been thinking about it last few weeks.

During our staff meeting at work this morning, I asked my manager what would be the odds I could take 4 weeks vacay next summer (luckily I get 33 days)? She knew something was up (we've known each other for 21+ years), so I told her a little about it. She thought that it was a cool adventure, and I said that's exactly what it would be, and she told me we could probably work it out.

Plan was solo on the TW200 from NC to OR (coast to coast), but have a friend here that's talked about it, and he's game (at this time) as is a friend of his also. Have another friend who's retired in OR, who would prolly come out to FL to ride West with us. So, possibly 4 of us.

At this time the route would be Jacksonville FL to OR. Got a good 11 months to plan it out. Hope it all comes to fruition!!! Fingers crossed!
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