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TEAM Oregon bikes?

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Taking the TEAM Oregon riding class in Tillamook, this Sat. any body know if they use the TW-200??? didnt want to trailer mine up there...but can if I need to... Thanks....looking forward to getting my M/C endorsement!! Gary
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They teach the classes here in Salem where I work. They have a bunch of TW200's! I would guess about a third of the bikes are TW200's, get there early and snag one. They have a trailer they haul out to Tilamook with bikes in it.
I have been through the class, it is actually pretty fun. I am friends with a couple of the instructors, they are good guys. One of the instructors even bought a t-dub because he sees me having so much fun on mine! He said it is his favorite bike to use for demonstration during the classes as well.
Had a Great time at the Class!!! Alot of good info.. and it didnt Rain!!! as said by MBGraphix WELL WORTH IT!!!

Glad you had fun! It is well worth it! I plan to take the more advanced courses in the future.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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