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Test ride before NorCal 1/2 Sheetiron run

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New steering head bearings, handlebar risers, front tire, front shock oil. Thought I better take the black widow out for a test run before the Norcal 1/2 sheetiron ride coming up. Noticed vibration from front tire on pavement but worth it. That Goldenboy is golden in the dirt! I was running tire pressure at 30 so maybe dropping it to 25 on pavement will help. Came up to locked gate but after getting off bike and looking at both ends found a nice little trail that goes around it that looks like several have used before. The other side looked quite dangerous and you would be tumbling down about 4 feet if you didn't balance right. Saw a fox run across trail in front of me so can cross that off my critter list. Asked sheriff who was driving a hummer at Knoxville OHV for a map, he didn't seem overly friendly and wanted to know where my green sticker was. When I said this is a street legal bike he just stared at me. Wanted to get a pic of the hummer but dedided better not bother grumpy anymore. Rode to waterhole/waterfall and back, fun ride. Anyone looking for waterhole at Knoxville OHV, find arch bridge and go to back of campground nearby. Trail leads you to it. Was 75 degrees so was in just jeans and a tee shirt, perfect weather! Looking forward to riding the 1/2 sheetiron in April!

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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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