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thanks all youall in this forum

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what a effin improvement,all soft sand in fl.,still havent upgraded front tire yet,thinkin of a Pirelli Scorpion XCMH 140/80-18,or the maxis C6006,anyway,thanx 4 the seat hight and cover idea!!, i contact cemented the rubber stuf that goes under carpets (top and bottom) to go over the underpad(stuff u kneel on for gardening,shaped to fit over seat) of the wall mart cover to level the seat no need to glue it to the wall mart cover,im glad cuz i moved the underpad forward an inch or so after riding it. im 5' 11" so 34- 35"seat hight helped the most.(bout 40 bucks total for seat mod),,the shifter that sticks out more so im not hunting for it under the motor with my size 12 feet.that helped quite a bit too.the big foot pegs.,,didnt raise the bars much cuz i got long arms,went with msr cr hibend(almost same hight),14/45 sprockets,anyhow i was out in the sand out handeling bigger cc,,and lighter weight dirt bikes (not dual sport),,i would have passed them but didint know if they would loose it when i blew by,,lol,when they looked back they looked suprized to see im right up on them on a little TW,,LOL,,fixing the seat helped the most,,any questions on my seat fab,post,,again THANX GUYS big effin
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Soree, eye kant reed tekst.
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nirfc! duse?
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