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Thanks Qwerty !! AKA Carb tuning (sorta) 1991 Tdub

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Since I can't post in the carb thread, I thought I'd make a new thread.

I've had problems with my TDub since I purchased it. Yea, it rode well most of the time, but it was always a bear to start and no matter how slow or fast I was going it would hesitate when I cranked on the throttle.

So I read the carb thread that's stickied. I knew from my plug that it had to be a carb issue. So I read that thread about 15 times to get it into my head. So I went out yesterday and did some runs up and down the dead end double culdesac in the back of my neighborhood (no houses there yet). So after doing it several times I knew I was running lean - hesitation, surging and it would pop like an old VDub.

I made my fancy idle mixture screw handy-dandy duct tape wrapped screwdriver bit and I went to cranking on it. I turned on it and counted a little over three turns until it seated. Whipped out my sharpie and marked the tape and started counting. Got to 3.5 turns out and tried starting. Three kicks and it turned over. Let it idle while I smoked a cigarette and then pushed choke in. Idled a little high. Revved it a bit and popped a ton less. Turned it another 1/4 out and as I revved it I could tell a HUGE difference. So I turned another 1/4.. too much. Bogged on rev and then pushed thru the bog to continue. Cranked it in a 1/8. MUCH BETTER. For my location/bike it was turned out 3.75ish turns.

No more flickering lights at idle. no more pinging and no more popping. No I didn't muck with jets. Shims or any of that. Original Owner gave me the receipt of where he put in a 116 jet from the dealer he bought it from. I think that since my Idle Mixture screw cover was already off he went to messing with it. Was purchased from a guy in Florida so I'm thinking that the 300+ foot elevation change from his house to mine caused it to get a wee bit out of wack.

In conclusion, my Bike at 345 ft above sea level with what *should* be a 116 jet and an unknown # of shims I have to run the Idle Mixture screw out 3.75 turns. Works well for me and I'm a happy camper.

Thanks QWERTY !!!!

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