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What a journey you people provided as I literally fell into this forum a year ago being 60 winters old.(retired teacher)

Read actually every entry, well some nonsense I skipped. To the point I bought a 09 new 4 months later.

* Yep clutch spring not attached who would have thought +1

* Broke her in MotoMan Style to the T

* Jimbo cafe, and a O-ring chain, Happy Trail rack.

I have owned bikes before but never as prepped to buy/prepare and "Gitter Done" bike ever.

....... Kudos to you all of you..especially appreciate the no nonsense qwerty
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Simple bike for the mature rider, or so it seems (to me). Welcome, Gerry
Hi Fleetwood,


Like you, I just joined yesterday after following this forum for a year. Lots of good information here. Enjoy your T-Dub.

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Beware fleetwood, T-Dubs are highly addictive!
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Hi Fleet!!, Yes I find this place to but after got my bike right before Christmas. Ive been intrigue by this bike for long time and the fact that can flat foot the ground and "The Big Tires" got me sold!!! Anyways good to have you "Mate" and dont skip my nonsense ither becouse Im doing my baby steps to!!!

Miguel Angel
Yes gentlemen, an addictive, flat footer, beautiful bike for a mature rider. Back in the day, in my youth, I had a 175 Yamaha Enduro then in my thirties a 750 Suzuki Intruder, so wish I had the foresight to keep them. The TW for this time in my life is a perfect fit. The Forum is such a big plus in providing on going support in owning this bike. I cut, paste and print key threads and add them to my bike's notebook/binder. I find the notebook very useful for this fledgling motorcycle Care Giver. [/size]
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