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Went for a bit of a ride on a some old historic routes, more commonly used today by folks rolling out of the hills with fresh cut Christmas Trees on their roofs rather than the west bound migrants of days past.
I had a good time despite the ice on main road, certainly a better day than this fellow. While not facing starvation like the Donner Party who pioneered the same route I doubt this van is making it over the Sierras before more snow flies.:cool:
Couldn't figure out how he got down there.
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Despite running very healthy and frisky in the cold dense air I never got much flying over the snow, had some cow-on-ice moments up by summit. Down lower slushy enogh to stop for a photo without sliding back downhill.
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Side roads were a different matter, without frozen wheel tracks I motored on trying not to break traction and tear things up.
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Interesting variations of textures and traction.
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Interesting tracks too. For the extra money of the Duro V2 you get some nicely sculpted track details.
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Then I descended mountain and romped a bit on some local twisty pavement for the thrill and contrast riding style.
Why not throughy dual sport these little beasties now and then?
Back home now sipping' egg nog and baking' ham. Fire is cheerfully roaring, dogs asleep at my feet. Just waiting for Mrs.Fred to get home.
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