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Okay, so the AJP PR7 has been around actually for a while now. However, like so many other unfortunate victims of quality control failures and tragic design flaws, I wrote the PR7 off as just another piece of wasted potential.

Fast forward to the updated 2020 model. After a quick look, I think this bike might just finally check all the boxes! This model-year seems to be much more well refined than the original rendition. For starters, it looks a lot sharper, and it just LOOKS so much more refined. More important, though, are a couple of specific updates (there are more, but these two are the pots of gold hanging around that magical unicorn's neck, LOL!): updated fuel pump and fuel filter! It's been a while, but if memory serves, I gave this bike a big thumbs down in the past because of starting problems and other fueling-related issues, but now it seems that AJP may have actually addressed that nonsense.

Additionally, having been available for a while now, a number of PR7s have begun to rack up some serious miles (40k+); from a few minutes of simple surface research, I've gathered that most riders seem to have been happy with them over the long haul. Much more research would of course be needed before ever committing to a purchase, so it's quite possible my exuberance is a bit premature.

For now, though, I think I may have finally found that magical, mythical beast that has eluded me throughout my entire dual sporting career -- the one that checks all the boxes (Most of mine are listed below, in no particular order, LOL!):

*Well under 400 pounds wet (even with a proper 4.5 gallon ADV tank, big wind screen, and rally tablet [the latter two of which I'd probably remove if I were to buy the bike]) -- check

*Over 300CC engine displacement/enough power to rocket up monstrous hills and sand dunes -- check

*Six speed transmission (able to cruise the highway all day at a reasonable speed without any issues or any real discomfort) -- check

*Fuel injection -- check

*Proper wire-spoke wheels (none of those god-awful car rims found on some of those monstrous cows KTM and BMW like to call adventure bikes...!) -- check

*Plenty of ground clearance and suspension travel for serious enduro riding (as well as a proper chassis and riding position/ergos) -- check

*NOT a KTM, and doesn't have 300 mile oil-change intervals -- check

*Reliability? -- Check...I think, now that it's been updated...probably... (fingers crossed; time will tell!)

It's also got a 36.2" seat height -- lower than a DRZ! And there are a few other nice little touches on the 2020 compared to the outgoing model as well; all of this really seems to add up to a fantastic package, I think!

-----Below is a link to the PR7 page on the AJP web site, with some awesome pictures and a great little video (must see)!

I don't know about everyone else, but I could really see buying this machine. I reckon it's what Yamaha wanted the T7 to be...but that thing weighs 450 pounds..., bike comparison to this!

There are a couple of other videos on the 2020; I'm watching them now...might update this depending on what I see, but so far, so good :)

[Edit: Great videos with some nice insights into the machine; I'll just add them below.]

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