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36.2 inch seat height. I'm out :(

So picky.

Can't please everyone, I guess. Even though one would be riding it 93.1415% of the time, it's ruled out because one might stand on it 6.8585% of the time. You can't have good ground clearance and good crotch clearance.

Unless you can convince Dan Gurney to build an alligator frame Africa Twin.
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They make it sound like it'll be here next week.

Until you read the fine print. "2019, at the earliest". Don't hold your breath your gonna pass out before it gets here.

What about the US arrival of the PR7 Adventure model? Seems like we’ll have to wait for that one even longer than the promised 2017 arrival. According to AJP a street legal version of this bike is possible for model year 2019, at the earliest.
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