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I asked him for what seemed like a small favour.

'Let me have a part shipped to your address, as the seller doesn't ship to Canada' I said.
'I will pay for the shipping' I said.

'No problem, brother,' he said.

Then, it became a thing.

'I screwed up an order & got the wrong sprocket' I said.
'Let me grab one here and add it to this box' he said.
'Awesome, thank you, I will of course reimburse you' I said.

'No problem, brother,' he said.
'The invoices will be in the box' he said.

So I check the mail. Nothing. Next day, nothing. A week goes by, nothing.

Today, there it is. The part I originally needed, the sprocket...and an assortment of candies! Yumm!
But no invoice.

Then this happened:

I said-
How did you know I've been craving sweets!? Awesome!
Package was in the mail this morning, thank you!
I'm not planning on 'pulling anything', I am going to reimburse you for the expenses, and send a little something to show my appreciation and friendship.
Thanks again brother, I'll be posting some photos as the work progresses.


He said-
Ha ha God told me that you needed some. If you notice, I wrapped them in the Sunday Comics so you could read while you munched.
Now you know I only try to be an inspiration on the forum to lift someone up or encourage them. So, if you would like, you may post pics of what I sent you as an example of helping others. I am glad to have been able to help you Trent. Now I did promise you to let you know how much it all was. I will do that now, since I promised. You know...since I forgot to put it in the box...and all...

Let me go find the receipts, charges, shipping, etc.

Here are the actual expenses. (you can post this as well should you see fit) I wish you would actually...

$ XX.00 Running around and finding the part needed for you...
$ XX.00 The part itself...
$ XX.00 Shipping...
$ XXX.00 Total
Paid for by Jesus

There it is. I went today to send it to you since I had forgotten to put it in the box and this is what I found.

A note from Jesus to me...

Here is what it said...

Just give it to Trent Tom.

I alone paid the price for these things...

I love you,

Trent; these costs had been erased somehow and replaced with this.

You can copy darn near this whole reply to you on the forum. You have my permission. Don't try to attempt to repay me in any way. Only treat others as you would wish them to treat you.


So you see, you just can't trust this guy! ;)

Thanks Tom, I hope though, that you can occasionally allow someone else the privilege of knowing the truth of the words " There is more happiness in giving, than there is in receiving".

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Paying it forward.

That is what Jesus did. For all mankind.

If we live as though our lives were but fleeting and gave them away to our brothers and sisters the world
would be heaven on earth or as close at it gets this side of the grave.

Thank you LT and thank you forum members for allowing a kind person to give and be accepted here.

You're all a great bunch and part of what puts a smile on my face when I look at my TW.

If I had to ride only one motorcycle I would ride the TW.
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