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The T-Dub goes fishing and makes friends at the pub

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I finally figured out how to post pictures of the forum. You might believe my stories more readily now.

Set off fishing into the mountains yesterday, stopping at the local pub, pizzeria, post office and store to get post and some bread and milk before they shut. Left the stuff at the pub which would be open when I got back. Met Rod (nickname Faulty) who had taken his 26 year old Suzuki 650 out for a ride on a beautiful spring day.

I admired the Victory's chrome and curve. Rod is confirmed bachelor and she takes pride of place in his living room where you might find a wife in another house. He rebuilt her from derelict condition some years back. Now he is lving in the countryside he reckons he has another roadbike he is selling and will buy something else for the dirt roads like the TW which he admired. He said he is looking at a Honda CTX 200. They have been the TWs competitor on the farms here since the 80s. You can buy them complete with racks quite a bit cheaper than the TW. Those of you in the first world won't know them since they were not aimed at or sold in that market. I did a little research:

I went fishing down at the river on a mountain track that the fishing club said is four wheel drive only. I did well with one wheel drive and went where 4x4s can't go to get through rocks and swamps right onto the river. The Brown trout were not feeding in the river but on the way back the rainbows were rising in the lake which was stocked a year ago by the club when they took it over, but is still closed while the fish grow.

I had to stop and watch. It was a bit frustrating and the Nikon could not do justice to the sunset colours with our Inhlosane mountain reflecting on the water.

I stopped back at the pub on the way and had a few beers with the owner. His manager rides a chinese 250 Bashan to work which costs nearly a third of the price of a TW but he has had more problems with his new bike than I have had with my 1995 TW. You can see his bike skulking in the background.

I have found another 1995 for sale an hour away which I might buy as a spares department or as a project to make a pavement commuter. R3500 is $438. What do you think?

The guy says he spent nearly that much at Yamaha on engine spares and has a good CDi. Am going to go and look at it and take my bike on the van to see if it will run with his CDi. He says he has the parts missing off the bike in the picture but abandoned ship whern the payments never came. If I offer him less say $400 it will still be worth it in spares methinks.


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Thanks B-Dub. That's whatever the Dept of Agric got made up custom stainless to replace the stock which would have rusted some time into the bike's career as a civil servant. They are quite expensive. She was also issued with an o-ring chain which never requires adjustment. She is still enjoying farm life but more for the good times on a Sunday fishing than Monday morning cold starts.

You can see more country on this guy's blog. You will also see some T-Dubs that flocked together with the Hondas showing that in South Africa discrimination over colour or creed is no longer policy.


Can't justify spending the bucks for an o-ring chain for this bike, get plenty of miles from the cheap non OEM chains.

Just use a little gear oil on the cheap chains they will last a long time.
The thing is Ziggy that the government spent our taxes on the o-ring chain when she was their property and now I get the benefit of it. Sorry if my story telling is a tad obtuse. . .
To me is like they (government) don't even exist if I choose not to notice.

Aside from that I am into my 4th chain using cheap, I am thinking that the decision to go with it was right. If I install an o-ring on mine I will not have to adjust regularly though it will probably be a heavier chain, and for the cost it would probably even out.

Thanks for sharing
How much are you spending on each chain? I think I paid like $65 for a good quality o-ring chain, and it seems unlikely that you could get four junk chains for that price
I am running a Tsubaki now, not bad, think it was about 22 bucks. Before this one I just don't recall but I don't like it when they get to long, they derail. I've had my mule for a heck of a long time now and over the time I've had it I put on 4 new chains. Can't say which brand is better or not as good.

If I were to get an o-ring and it streches beyond the 9th setting I would have to get a new and I know that would hurt, they are about 80 plus shipping.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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