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Today I took out my bikes and took care of the winter storage routine. I have worked up something that works for me and it goes like this

-fill up tank with new stabilized fuel
-test drive to get the bike warmed up and get the stabilizer in.
-change oil/filter
-air up tires
-wash the bike (really clean so it comes out fresh in the spring and don't forget all the little spots you ignore during the riding season)
-put the bike away with the tender on the battery
-put on the cover
-my honda has a laundry list of regular maintenance things I do at this time as well.
(valve adjust, cam chain adjust, clutch cable lube, tach drive lube, speedo cable lube, rear brake adjust, final drive lube, drive shaft lube)

so here they are before they get covered in the garage

Untitled by dolphaxel, on Flickr

Untitled by dolphaxel, on Flickr

I used to ride pretty much year around, but I've gotten so I am not willing to suffer or be dangerous to ride. On another note the Tw will be ridden year round once its complete. I have more confidence in knobby tires and low power when it comes to crumby weather. I'm also not willing to dump one of the street bikes because i was pushing my luck! Anyhow had to share because this day comes every year and It bum me out a bit ever time.
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