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this forum needs a hometown sub forum

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I'm in huntsville Texas getting my TW this weekend. I want to know who else is in Texas and how we can meet up, but there is no forum for it.

good idea? bad idea?
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The guys on here ride together here and there, but if you aren't limiting to just riding with other TW riders, ADVRider is the way to go. They have regional sections and organize rides all the time.
Lots of TW owners on Two Wheeled Texans. Lots of folks on other bikes, too. Most are good folks.
I didn't mean to sound like I was putting that site down. I did forget about that group though. I can't say I know personally, but I have heard good things about those guys. I didn't even bother to click the link above. I thought it was a reference to making a site or something.
Do hook up with Two Wheeled Texans. They have doin's all over the state on a weekly basis. You'll meet a wide variety of people riding a wide variety of bikes and the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of rides from 20 miles per day gnarly offroad to 200+mph land speed record attempts to pie runs.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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