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We have an old trail that leads up to some old gold mines behind our place. About the time our Son was old enough to go out with his first .22 (that had been my first .22) I made him a shooting trail. I hung an old driveshaft here, and a flywheel there, and a bowling ball over there, and a cute little gong from that medium sized oak that fell across the trail at about 7'. He loved it.

Had a visit from the neighbor 1/4 mile up the creek from us. His teenaged girl had run the horse up our trail and easily missed all parts of the tree but the gong. Seven stitches right up in her hair part.

We wanted to pay the bill but he was insistent. We agreed that she could ride up there anytime she wanted. Good neighbors all around.

We replanted the gong and cut the tree. I still shoot the driveshaft every time I walk to the mines.

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