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I just wanted to drop a line to say thanks, to our forum. :icon_thumbright:

I don't post much. I read, a lot.

I will be attempting to keep my petulant beast, running.

!989. 5.7k

described by a mechanic, as a spray paint special!
Vehicle Enduro Car Motorcycle Supermoto

Tire Automotive tire Vehicle Car Motorcycle

once referred to, on this forum, as a dinosaur in a tar pit!
Adventure Extreme sport Recreation Soil Geological phenomenon

Sure. I know. It runs, most of the time. But lately... not so much.:mad:

Oil change. Spark plug. coil. some splicing.
idle jet clear.. bowl.
corrosion block.

I think it's running rich. Idle jet is borked up. coil is on a thread.
battery fuse has a hundred splices. a paint job to match the splicing.

fun, ongoing project.:D

And thanks to this forum, I have persevered. And, so has the spray paint special.

I just wanted to share.


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