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timing chain adjustment

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hello, i am new to the forum and have been trying to register for a couple of weeks and just now got it worked out. anyway i have a 2000 tw200 i purchased and i'm up to about 1000 miles. i checked the valves at about 700 miles, and just did the adjustment which was a breeze. i am aware that this bike has a manual timing chain tensioner, however i don't know the specs of it or exactly how to adjust it. i am assuming to adjust you take that little cap off of the left side of the engine and there's some way to adjust from there. is this somthing to adjust while the bike is running like hydraulic lifters, or do i adjust it cold to a spec. also what is the interval for adjusting that dinky timing chain. thanks, tanner
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any experts want to chime in on this topic this weekend? please? thanks, tanner

I have not done this myself, but if you are able to download the service manual that Petrus has posted in this forum in the "pinned" area, in Chap 3, pg 3-5 and 3-6 it will show how to adjust the Cam Chain Tensioner. I think this is what you are looking for.
This is what it looks like under that plastic cap in my '96:

If I remember correctly the big nut is a locknut, that is loosened and then the smaller one is then turned until the inner part of the adjuster (there is a hole in the center of that smaller nut) is level with the surface. Mine was out by quite a bit, assume it had never been adjusted.
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so i take the adjuster cap off, break the locknut, then tighten the adjuster. that seems simple enough however, i don't think i fully understand when to stop turning the adjuster. i guess im afraid of getting the timing chain too tight so if someone could help clarify the specs of it i would appritiate it. thanks for your response pjung it's a good start, and i could probably figure it out from there. (i think you are saying to tighten the adjuster untill a "peg" comes from the middle of the adjuster and there's actually no real specs as far as measurement.) thanks, tanner
The piston needs to be at TDC.

You turn the adjuster nut until the tensioner rod (in the center if the nut) has 0"- .02" clearance.

Follow Admiral's advice and download the manual. There are pictures and step by step directions.

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