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Hey guys I’m new here, I picked up a 94’TW200 last week. I look forward to learning more about these bikes and seeing where it will take me. I changed the fork seals, steering bearings, and got the engine running right. I’m in Ontario Canada and to plate the bike for the street I had to have a safety inspection done. Once I got the bike home I went at the tires. The Bridgestone tires were too “street” for my liking so I borrowed a tire grover with a 1/2” blade. I removed a 1/4” of rubber from the original groves, some were only 1/4” wide but are now 1/2” wide and almost 1/2” deep . I was lucky to have not exposed any cord I, can see the fabric pattern in a few spots. I may put another grove across each big block 1/4” wide.



My intention was just to get it to hook up a bit better in the soft dirt and mud off road. I don’t really care how it changes the road handling as I only ride the road to get to trails. I’m sure these tire would have lasted thousands of kilometres, I don’t need that so I cut them up.

I’ll tackle the front tire one I get a 1/4” blade for the tire grover. If it doesn’t turn out well I’ll swap the front tire for a rearing my XR250L


My new to my 1994 TW200, odd to have black plastics and the round headlight bolts on like it’s stock but I’ve never seen a TW like this.

I’ll get some better pics tomorrow
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