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Your 'warm' pressures will be greater than when they're 'cold'. There will be a formula which will work out how many degrees warmer will equal an increase in pressure; but for us mortals it's about stuff-all.

From memory, it's around 2psi difference at the most from warm to hot on street bikes.

With something as gingerly as the TW, it isn't going to be a make or break decision.

To be able to interpret the results at your 'air-down' destination, you would also have to measure how hot your tyres/tires were, and are now. Something which I imagine would be quite difficult.

To get around it, if it isn't too far; you could set them at home and run the few miles on slightly lower pressures. I've ran as low as 6psi front and rear on the street for short distances without a drama.
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