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Tire to rim alignment and balancing questions

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Just put on the sr244 golden boy last night on the front last night

I could not get the tire to be perfectly even distance wise from the innermost rubber molding mark or whatever it is.

It was mostly even but in some places maybe 1/8th of an inch closer to the rim edge.

Also, i did not balance the tire as i was not sure how to, but i did align the dot mark and the "b" stamp next to the valve stem... Which is what ive heard you should do to begin from the most balanced standpoint.

The bike felt a little iffy at 50, like the front end was a touch squirrely

Im not sure if its the new tire nubs, the size and style of the 5.10 sr244, the handguards i just put on or an out of balance wheel.

The wheel is not out of round to any great degree nor is it out of true.

So, is balancing all that important? Factory had none... So?

Or do i just need to run it at lower than 18 psi for a bit and let the tire to rim alignment figure itself out?

Or is it just the golden boy ride?

I did notice that the tire does want to drop into turns a little prematurely, but that will probably even out over time.
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i always use windex during tire installs, which is recommended by the pro MX guys, dries quickly so you can go out and ride without worrying about the tire slipping and cutting the valve stem off
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