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Do not run the TW34 on the back and a TW203 or similar on the front offroad unless you like doing faceplants. On the street, not a problem, as the 203 is plenty grippy enough to prevent the front end from washing out. in the dirt, really bad idea.

Probably a Good Idea-BUT-- I have been running that combination for over 7,000 miles. I guess, in part, the question is; what is off-road, since that means different things to different people. For some people off road is synonymous with off paved and for others it means single track or trails, etc, etc. Anyway………….

On my ride from Washington to Minnesota, the stock front tire wore out quickly and the TW34 on the back held up quite well. Because of weather conditions my route was somewhat changed so I had to ride more paved roads than I wanted to. So I installed a TW203 up front. Which worked well on dirt forest service roads and on pavement. Plus this tire held up much better on pavement than did the stock knobby.

I have been running that combination every since with no bad experiences.

I have found it to be a poorer set up when traveling down a steep hill which has loose gravel, if you are trying to track against the fall line, the front tire will loose traction and wash out much more easily than if a knobby tire was mounted on the front.

This could be quite problematic or done right dangerous on a narrow single track or off road situation, but on a wide forest service dirt road it has never been a problem for me (so far). Also I'm not a very aggressive rider and that might make a difference too.

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