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Trail Spares

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I am new to the TW and dirt riding and was wondering what is recommended to carry for spares / tools when riding off road with this bike.
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Lots of variables to what a person should take along

It would help if we knew where in the world you are riding (desert, mountains, swamps, forests) .

How far away is help from you where you want to ride?

How many miles do you plan on riding?

Cell Service?

Do you ride with a buddy?

Paved roads, logging roads, single track, make your own path?

How much space are you willing to make for supplies? (Tool tubes. ammo box, milk crate)

When I go exploring within 50 miles from my house I take minimal supplies (two tool tubes stuffed with gear). When I take my 100+ mile jaunts into the cascades I bring tire irons and 2 tubes, tube patch kit, rope and tackle, small axe or chain saw, spot gps messenger,

Here are a couple of my normal rides that take me to some logging roads.

I take lots of gear for this one


I take just my tool tubes and spare gas for this one.


If I break something up a mountain road and need the wife to bring a trailer to get me, I can plan on a cold reception. So I bring lot's of extra stuff to fix things.

Edit: 9-26-12

Did I ask too many questions?
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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