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Trail Tech Vapor setup for TW200

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I went back to the stock cluster on my TW and am selling my Vapor setup. (My TW's PO had a front rack that got hit/tweaked and it cracked the stock dash and gauges. I ordered

replacements from Yamaha recently so I don't need the Vapor anymore. (Already had the Vapor so used it while I saved up for the new parts)

It comes with everything (vapor unit, temp and tach sensors, speedo sensor) and also comes with a billet mount.

I will include the handlebar mount I used if the buyer wants it.

It hasn't been used much, unit still looks new, works perfectly. I don't think this will fit behind the stock headlight fairing, but fits great if you have a round headlight.

$80 shipped anywhere in the Continental US.

Sorry, no shipping outside the US.

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Sent PM.


Old speedo won't work with my new fork retro fit.


Thanks Josh!

..and thanks tw200forum
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