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Trail Tech Voyager GPS review?

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I've seen one post on here about the Trail Tech Voyager GPS/Speedo. But I would like to get any more feed back about use-ablitly and installing on a TW.

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Good review. Yah I already have a garmin gps that does all the gps stuff that the voyager does.. this is just easier to use while riding I think. Plus it has the engine temp,rpm,speed. So it seems like a nice clean design to have on the bike.

Another question would be trying to get oil temp into the Voyager. Would be cool to be able to have a fitting on your oil cooler that you could screw in a oil temp sensor. I know they have the cylinder head temperature probe that comes with the voyager. Maybe have a external switch to go between the oil temp and cylinder temp (assuming they both are the same probe type).
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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