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Trailering in Colorado

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Let me see if I can figure out how to post some of the ride we did over the last few days.

We started near Denver and trailered the little bikes to Montrose, CO.

Caught the Thursday street fair. This little town ain't dyin'.

Live music and all kinds of stuff.

My brother and I even unloaded the bikes for a ride around town.

Well then we got the idea of heading to Ridgeway, so loaded up again.

Actually unloaded and headed the bikes to Ouray thinking we'd ride over the pass to Telluride.

Such wonderful views all around.

Heading up the hill.

Very cool ride overhang.

Here's the fork in the trail leading to Imogene Pass.

Have more pics, but site won't allow any more photos.
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Jon, Nice RR!

You can reply to your own thread and continue with the pics . . . . . .


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You you Sir !!

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