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Trailtech tachometer needed.

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Installing a Trailtech tach(model TTO). The instructions have you pick between .5,#1 and #2 PPR( pulses per revolution)....does the TW have a "wasted spark" system?.I choose #1 to start with....the upper rpm's seem to be accurate?'s when the bike is idling that's in question?.I do not have a trained ear for such things....the manual says the TW idles between 1350 and 1550 rpm's. This tach is showing a 1600ish idle?.....the bike doesn't "sound" like it is idling that high....then again,it may be my hearing.The tach has a lead that you wrap around the plug wire "X" amount of times(added info).Any suggestions.
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The TW does have a "wasted spark" ignition system so it will have 1 pulse per revolution (i.e., it will spark on both the compression stroke and the exhaust stroke)
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