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TransAmericaTrail - Mississippi Hill County

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BuddyMc and Joel (User Names) headed to Winona Mississippi and rode a modified Mississippi Hill Country trail on Monday and Tuesday. Rode roughly 440 miles, mostly unpaved county roads that wander back and forth along I-55 between Batesville MS and Jackson MS. We chopped the official route into a figure 8, comprised of a Northern Loop (Winona - Batesville - Paris - Winona) and a Southern loop (Winona - Carrollton - Emory - Durrant - Loring - Dossville - Ethel - West - Winona). Had to re-route both days to get back to Winona before dark, but got in plenty of riding.

Had our share of mis-cues, confusing rollchart info, flaky GPS, cell phones that wouldn't download GPS coordinates, dead cell phone batteries, radios that lost the battery cover and battery, and a couple of extra unintended routes. Partner says we weren't lost, we just didn't know where we were.

Good ride and a great time! If you haven't found and ridden the TAT MS Hill Country routes (there is are two different routes with very little overlap, one Northbound from Gluckstadt MS to Batesville MS and one Southbound from Batesville MS to Gluckstadt MS., you need to do so as soon as possible.

Me and Joel will be back down that way again shortly as we haven't scratched the surface of the riding in the area.
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