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I'm planning a trip down to Mexico City this summer and I'm trying to figure out what tools I need to bring for my TW. Specifically, (i know these bikes are pretty simple), what I'm looking to know is what size sockets I need to bring. I'm guessing I can get away with just a ratchet, extension and a couple different sized sockets? I'm trying to pack as light as possible. Along with:

screw driver set

large adjustable wrench to remove wheels

tire tube removal stuff


spare master link

tire pump

(I won't be doing any major engine work)

If anyone has any tips, please let me know...


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Short of major engine repairs I have mine down to the below.:

Stubby version of the Crescent wrench. Same jaw opening as full size, half the bulk.

Collapsible allen wrench set with 8mm, 10mm and 12mm sockets contained within it.

8mm,10mm,12mm,14mm and 17mm combination wrenches. Stubby Crescent for anything larger.

Factory plug wrench. In fact you could just leave the factory junk in place as backup, carry decent, proper tools in a tool roll.

Needlenose vice grips

4-way screwdriver with JIS phillips bits

3 tire irons, valve stem tool, patches, crutch jack.

12v compressor

Zipties, electrical tape, flavor to taste. Loctite everything, fill any vacant holes in the frame with a spare bolt and nut Loctited in place as well. Replace cotter pins with hitch pins where poss.

I recomend using ONLY your onboard tools when working on your bike. Eliminate/accumulate only those which fit the bike There are no 13mm fasteners on my TW ( and probably on yours, as well), so I don't need to carry the wrench or socket. Convert any accessory items that may come with oddball hardware that makes you carry an otherwise unnecessary wrench or socket to a standard size or an allen. A full set of allen wrenches fits in the palm of your hand..yada, yada

You may or may not want to carry feeler gages for valve adjustments. Your trip's less than 3,000 miles, but you never know.

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Watch what you do down there... DO NOT SPEED, ever................... If you get stopped by the locals be careful how you handle it............ They "could" try and blackmail you for some of your cash....... OMM.:pain10:
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