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I just posted this on the ADV Forum. I hope my health will permit me being able to do this.

But, just in case there is interest on this site I thought I would post here as well! Of course I'm hoping to take the TW200.

Late June or July 2012 I hope to be on the road from Birch Bay to Haida Gwaii. Many of you will know this place as the Queen Charlotte Islands.

Some side trips I hope to fold into this trip include a run down to Bella Coola from Williams Lake. Originally, I was going to take the ferry from Port Hardy to Bella Coola but ferry costs upon first look were just too expensive, and so I cancelled that idea.

On the return trip I hope to go a little further north to Stewart/Hyder before returning to Birch Bay. And before leaving Prince Rupert I might take the ferry (foot passenger-leaving the bike in Prince Rupert) to Ketchikan, AK and spend a few days there.

So, what are some things to see and do once arriving at Haida Gwaii. Any recommendations of places to stay. I hope to spend a long week there before departing and I hope to have a month for the entire trip. Also, I might want to do some freshwater fishing while there, any recommendations.

At this time I'm not sure as to which bike I will take (TW200 or F650GS-single cyl). There is plenty of time to make that decision.

Also do I camp or look for lodging?

Rumor has it during July/Aug if not camping you should have reservations before getting on the ferry or you might find yourself without a place to stay or so the BC Travel literature seems to imply. Is that a pretty accurate assessment or…..?

Also does anyone know anything about getting supplemental health insurance while in Canada? Please no comments like you don't need it, etc. I need to know what is available, through which agencies, and how to purchase it….etc

I will post maps a bit later on. At that time, I hope to solicit some advice from those with local knowledge.

I'm not going to be in much of a hurry and plan to spend several days in the Bella Coola area (maybe more) and a few extra days around Hyder/Stewart. I probably will not do more than 200 to 300 miles a day (paved roads) and not sure how much forest service roads I want to travel.

I haven't been on Highway 20 for over 10+ years. I assume most of it is paved now. If anyone knows of private campsites along this route with covered camping, that would also be helpful.

Finally, if there is anyone who might want to join in on this trip, please PM me.

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