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Well couple weeks ago I decided to pick up a cheap second ATV to ride with the wife now and then instead of the TW. Picked up and older Yamaha Bruin 350 4x4. It’s lower mileage and in pretty good show but it’s sun faded, has a solid rear axle, kinda crappy brakes, and is a bit down on power and lacks a duel range transmission like most 4x4 atvs. BUT it’s price was right and for the amount of use I projected I figured it be ok. Besides I have the wife’s Polaris sportsman to pull me out when needed I thought.

Well yesterday with some friends I got out on a shake down ride. And I was again left in awe of what Yamaha can pull off with a small simple machine. It’s so much greater than the sum of its parts. If fact the whole day we followed BIG 1000cc can am atvs on 30” mud tires into some of the nastiest mud I have ever seen. And that little Machine got threw it all only needing a slight push once when it got high centered in deep ruts. LOL in fact it kinda was just so small and light it buzzed over a lot of the stuff were the Polaris just sunk and had to winch out, Over and over and over again. Eventually the Polaris Rad packed with mud and started over heating. The Yamaha just kept plowing on in the heat.

Overall was a fun ride and I am smitted by my new beastly LIttle Yamaha. It earned the nick name Dory (aka for those with kids like the “Finding Nemo” character because it just kept swimming just kept swimming lol). Even my buddies on the big Can Ams were left flabbergasted at what the machine got threw.

The machine feels so much like my TW. It lacks power and susupension of the bigger better machines. But turns out it will get ME places I couldn’t dream of getting other machines too.

DFE5E3E7-5A6E-4512-8471-7B11721F6032.jpeg AC9ADC4B-DD3C-42B8-806B-2028FB89F785.jpeg C200A9B9-35FB-403A-9D81-2ACD450C90AC.jpeg B77AFD48-D951-4AC0-AEC7-7B051679E821.jpeg
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