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TTR clutch conversion

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I need a new "clutch boss" but nobody can get one as they are on backorder from yamaha for at least a month supposedly...

Ronnydog used TTR clutch on his big motor build... Can I just buy the clutch cover and clutch assembly from a TTR (which one? 125? 225? 230? 250? any?) and bolt it right on?

It looks like there are TTR125 clutch covers and clutches on ebay for ~$40 each, so if I could do the whole swap for $80+shipping that would be way cooler than not being able to get the tw200 part forever
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Ehhhhh it is the TTR125 parts that are cheap on ebay.. Don't even see any covers for sale for the 225 and it looks like that is what Ronnydog was using.
Thanks Ronny. I've probably dug too deep into the wallet for the bike already this year, so this probably won't happen. Trying to work a deal with mac for a used clutch boss he has in stock.

This should be very useful info for anyone else thinking about the conversion though!
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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