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I am shopping for tubes for my new tires. I am having an issue finding a tube that would fit the tire I ordered for the front which is a 120/80/18 Kenda K270. I haven't seen a tube in that exact size. I did find the one for the rear from Bridgestone (kinda guessed it would have to be their tube or am I wrong there, because they want $ 30 for it). Well my main question is how important is the tube size, or rather how close does it need to be (in relation to tire size) to function properly.
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As a general rule, you can always put in a slightly larger tube, ie., the closest next size up, but you cannot put in a smaller tube because that tube will be overinflated to fit the tire when you blow it up to the correct pressure and may burst inside the tire, especially if you go over a bump. I've had that personal experience on bike tires.
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