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Help please -
Is this a good tuning plan or no? Read the great carb jetting posts and still not sure re my choices and finding parts. Anyone one have a link to proper main jet and shims?
2012 with a -3 tooth rear sprocket, otherwise stock. Close to sea level, and 50 degree to 90 degree operating temps.
Drill five 5/8" holes near top of side on airbox.
Shim up needle (how many? Which shims? Link?)
Replace main jet (128, or 130? Link to proper non-mikuni 130 equivalent?)
Drill out access to pilot screw and do it at 2.5 turns out.
Does this sound good to people? Can you please help me out briefly?

Modify stock exhaust for more flow. Does anyone have a plan for this? Thinking of cutting the last 1/4 length off and weld it back up...sound right?

Thanks folks
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