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turn signals

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Well I finally put a new battery in the TW as I'm riding it on the road a lot more now and getting tired if using hand signals. The right side blinkers work fine but the left side does nothing.. The turn signal indicator for left turn just stays on. What's funny is that even though the right side blinkers work the indicator light does nothing. refresh my memory isn't it suppose to blink too? Bulbs are good. I do get .4v at the sockets when I turn the left side blinkers on. I suspect either a broken switch or broken wire. I really haven't spent any time trouble shooting yet but thought i would get some ideas from the forum group. Any ideas on what is wrong?

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I'd chase wires and make sure everything is clean and plugged in. Check for 12V coming from the switch where the wires from the lights meet the wires from the switch.
Feels good, eh?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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