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I have gather a few TW parts I no longer need if anyone has any interest in them. Everything is good shape, all removed from a 2008 with 1900 miles on it.

OEM Headlight cowing/plastic $20

OEM Handlebars, straight and true $25

OEM Header and shield $30

OEM Skidplate $25

Small parts pack including: $30
-Headlight Gasket
-3 Proper oil filters (1 oem, 2 k&N)
-Brake Lever
-Generator side Gasket
-OEM Shifter (looks like its a tad tweaked)
-New JT 14t sprocket

IMG_7516.JPG IMG_7517.JPG IMG_7518.JPG IMG_7519.JPG IMG_7520.JPG
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