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tw 225 exhaust ok?

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want to convert back my wife's tw to have a high level exhaust so she can get on some trails with me

right now its got an underslung supertrap on

I've seen a TW225 "down" pipe on a local fleabay..

any one know if I can go there? are they interchangable?

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Xt225, TTR225 and TTR230 pipes will fit.

Usually plentiful on ebay.

You'll usually need to trim aboout 1/2" inch or so from the muffler end to use the stock TW muffler. Shouldn't be an issue to reuse your Supertrapp if you gotta.
The cylinder isn't a boltup. You'll have to disassemble your motor and enlarge the case mouths and the 225 crankshaft has a longer stroke.

How plentiful/expensive are complete TW225 motors over there? They aren't an option here, but hat would be the quick and dirty route.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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