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tw 225 exhaust ok?

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want to convert back my wife's tw to have a high level exhaust so she can get on some trails with me

right now its got an underslung supertrap on

I've seen a TW225 "down" pipe on a local fleabay..

any one know if I can go there? are they interchangable?

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thanks guys!
great answers!
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any idea how far do these similarities go.... whats the odds of bolting a 225 cylinder on to a 200 bottom end?
might be able to get one - but there's a big pile of red tape to go thru if u switch the engine serial number - an its not "legal" to do if the format of the serial number changes,,.. so if the engine serial number has the first 4 letters the same but the digits are different its do able..

but if its totally different cant do it legally... as they will realise its a different rather than a replacement engine...

looks like she can stay with the 200 - its just that she was moaning about up hills... I suppose a different set of sprockets could help but 1st is already really short as it is!

back to the doable! I ordered the exhaust downpipe... its costing me just under US$20
so thats good - may have to make a bracket for that downpipe worst case scenario!

hopefully the supertrap will fit on!

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1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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