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For those of you interested in the relatively simple lowering mod to your TW200, the perfect shock is the Yamaha XVS1100 VSTAR. These can be readily had for about $60 including shipping on ebay.

I have come across what appears to be an exceptional quality XVS1100 pull from a 2008 Yamaha. I was oringally going to lower my bike for my 5'5" frame, but I have decided I can live with the stock configuration.

This one looks near new (see link to my skydrive photo) other than some minor scratches. It is super straight and appears to be lightly used.

Here is the shock in all its glory

If you are serious about this type of mod, look no further as this appears to be a gem. I am selling for $55 including shipping to cover most of my costs, but I did pay a bit more for condition. I want to give something back to us short folk out there!

For easy instructions on lowering (this shock gives about a 3" lower seat) see the following thread.

Let me know if you are interested. $55 delivered and for a 2008 in great shape you should be happy!
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