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Came home from work Friday. A short while later, I needed to run an errand. I hopped on the TW -- no start! No headlight, no nothing. Battery voltage good. No power to starter solenoid.

Next day. Removed headlight bezel/fairing. Removed instrument panel. Remove headlight support. Removed ignition switch. This is what I found...

I soldered the power wire back onto the lug of the ignition switch.

Re-assembled. Works fine. Problem fixed.

I have no idea why the wire separated from the switch other than a faulty solder from the factory. Denise (wife) theorizes that it's due to a theft of the bike several months ago (we're going to court 7/12).

Who cares. 30 minutes of diagnostics and repairs. Pennies to solder the broken connection. I'm back on the road again.

Life is good!
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