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TW NOOB, Bike values?

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Hello All, new to the forum. I've been wanting a TW for some time and may have found my bike, but would like to get an idea of approx. value. It's a 1993 with 4600 miles, says to be in excellent condition. I'm looking at it Friday. Any thoughts on the asking price of $1200 firm?
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If its in great shape and doesn't need anything but a rider than I'd say its a fair price. If it needs brakes, tires, etc, I'd offer them a couple hundred lower.
Thanks. Looking forward to getting it.
Not a bad price.

I agree, needs nothing=good price otherwise offer a lower $ amount.

I think any used bike like the T-Dub is worth that much providing it was cared for.

I paid 2500 for a 2006 with tons of gear, a new set of tires and only 2600 miles on her.

I even got a new car hitch carrier for it.

I think the older bikes had some issues that they addressed didn't they?
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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