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Ok so I'm finally sorting through my TW foot peg stash which I have no idea why I bought all these except they are rather cool to a TW freak like me lol

All parts are new never used

I have 2 remaining sets of Pro-Cycle foot peg brackets which allow you to mount any YZ or WR foot peg on any TW200, $95 per set delivered

I have (2) new sets of Yamaha YZ PivotPegz sets, one set still in the box one set out of the box $199 delivered USA includes your color choice of the following; CJ Designs billet extensions for the PivotPegz, (2) sets in standard aluminum and one set in Orange anodized these attach with stainless bolts (included) and requires the drilling of 3 small holes on each PivotPegz

CJ Designs extension only $75 delivered (I'll have one extra set after my two sets of PivotPegz sell)

Next I have a new set of Raptor Titanium Yamaha YZ pegs which are a fabrication work of art much like DMO pegs MSRP $349, Amazon $267, I'll sell for $179 total delivered USA

Finally a set of OEM Yamaha YZ Stainless steel foot pegs with pins and springs these are the widest and strongest of the factory Yamaha pegs $79 total delivered USA

Pls remember to use any of these pegs you must use the Pro-Cycle frame brackets on your TW

needless to say these weren't cheap but the fact is I'm just never going to use them I run DMO specialties on my personnel TW's and love them

I'm eliminating two of my 15 x 50 x 16' storage units and a lot of TW and BW stuff needs to go away

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