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Most of the real bikers are interested in the tw and the large tires.

The ones that hold up there noses at other bikes are just posers

and i have more miles on the tw than they will ever have on all there bikes.

I figured out the other day that i have over 400,000 miles total on bikes.

Like you, I was stopped and asked all sorts of questions over the weekend at Bristol. We went for the race, and brought the TW along on a rack on the Motorhome, which was the intended use for the TW.

All sorts of guys, who mostly had quads, golfcarts or street bikes of different sorts, were interested in what it was, how much, and all the other questions. I let a few take a ride, and I wouldn't be surprised to see a few more next year
One of the guys, who even had his rig decked out in HD colrs and logos, was considering getting one as a daily commuter. He figured it'd pay for itself in gas and maintenence!
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