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As mentioned in an earlier post, I purchased a 96 TW. Not in perfect shape, but then, nothing I ever buy is. Only after I started tearing into it did I find out how neglected this bike was. (Any time I buy a used vehicle, the first thing I do is go through ALL of the normal maintenance items.)

So, here's what I found and fixed:

Chain free play way too much. I had to adjust it up 4 notches. Still some adjustment left, so I don't need a new one just yet, but soon.

Besides being way out of adjustment, I don't think the chain had ever been cleaned or lubed. Obviously, this has also now been taken care of.

Air filter. This actually made me laugh out loud. Prior owner apparently felt that he needed a new filter. Instead of spending $7 or so and buying the correct thing, he cut a piece of thin open cell foam to sorta fit and used that. Of course, no oil. Now, I don't know how many of you are familiar with open cell foam, but it is not made with air flow in mind. It's a wonder the thing would even start, given that most of the air that it could get was what passed around the filter. Fortunately, he rode it on paved roads only so there doesn't seem to by any harm done.

Oil Change: HOLY CRAP. I don't think I've ever seen oil this dirty. (Or a filter for that matter) I did learn, though, that the oil filter on the TW works pretty well. Drained the oil loosened the oil filter cover, then removed the crankcase cover. Essentially no sludge in the crankcase (yippee), but the filter and filter housing were just full of crap. Some metal shavings (oh, drat), but not too terrible.

Fork seals and new oil: HOLY CRAP, again. And I thought the oil was bad. I removed both forks, because the seals were leaking. Pulled the top plug and figured something would come out when I turned them upside down. Well, something did come out, but not really what I expected. I got probably 2 tablespoons of black, thick gunk, full of water, out of each fork. Complete disassembly revealed the internals to be in good shape with no rust. (yippee again)

All else in pretty good shape, apart from everything being un-lubricated and out of adjustment. Got it all done over the past month or so, and finally got to go out riding yesterday. It's taken me so long because I'm also working on rebuilding a 1971 Honda SL70 for my niece and nephew and that's been using up a good portion of my "free" time. I'll post a ride report later today.
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