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TW won't start?

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I have tried everything, need help? My 2004 TW, was sitting for a while. I replaced battery, cleaned carberator, replaced spark plug, changed oil.

it does not start. It sparks and kicks, but does not start? any suggestions?
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Running new gas or old? If old: drain the tank into a suitable container,

put some fresh gas in the tank, take the sparkplug out (leave the ignition off)

and kick it a few times to clear anything out in the cylinder, then put the

plug back in and try starting it as if it were a normal cold start.

Otherwise, some folks have some specific procedures that work on their bikes,

may or may not involve starting fluid, etc. Search the forum for those posts,

someone may have a direct link to give you.

Forgot to mention, if your bike doesn't have a kickstarter, do the same thing

with the ignition on and *don't touch the plug* until the ignition is off.

You'll hate yourself for a few minutes if you ignore that one..

Good luck!
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I agree with the above: if starting fluid won't make it fire up (have to do this on my old blaster

every single year) and at least burn off the vapors, you've got ignition/compression issues.

Chances are, qwerty's nailed it and the carb needs a full disassembly, inspection, and cleanup.

I'll add one thing to the needs of a combustion engine: the proper amount of air.

One quick test that doesn't involve pulling the carb: hook a hose to the bowl drain on the carb

and drain it all out with the petcock shut off, then turn the petcock on and crank it for a bit.

After that, turn the gas off again and drain the bowl once more. If you don't have plenty of

good clear fuel the second time, your float is stuck closed, the filter screens are plugged,

or your bowl drain is plugged from the sediment and varnish in the bottom.

Make sure the air filter is clean, the petcock screens both in-tank and in the assembly itself are

clean. Double check that you didn't end up with cracks in the rubber intake from sitting, and check

that the local field mice haven't decided to make base camp in your air filter housing. Been there.
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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