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Nice! Glad to see you riding again. I was waiting to see a wheelie. Is the leg fully healed? Any lingering problems?

I've ridden my stationary bike over 200 miles and I'm bored as hell looking at my porch. So I picked this up on CL for $40 and already put 8 miles on it today. Where I live, there's not much I can't get to in 10 mins on this thing. 21 speed ... you can roll 25 mph just barely kicking it. I figure 5 miles a day x 30 days = 150 miles a month. ;-)

Everything is better by the day, and the more I work it the better it gets. I was back riding 4 months afterward ... just haven't been posting those vids here cause it's all filmed on one of those evil sportbikes. ;-)

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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