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Winter was mild enough here in Ohio that I rode a Zuma all winter, lol.

Pretty sure the mild winters aren't gonna keep holding up, and I can't wait to get a real snow run in...

In 1 - 4 inches of snow ... the TW feels like a 4 wheel drive motorcycle ... it does better than any bike I've ever ridden in the snow. 7+ inches is a little ridiculous and once that front wheel can't find anything solid to grab ... it gets scary quick.

I read your posts about the rack options ... and just wanted to pass on the backpack idea. For $17 I bought a nice backpack (not a little bity biker backpack for $80 or anything, I mean an actual backpack at target or somewhere.) And that backpack allows me to grocery shop on the TW or CBR without any additional racks. I fill the pack up completely and on the TW, it will sit on the back seat like a passenger and I don't even have to hold its weight. Just another option to consider before you go putting monkey bars all over your TW. ;-)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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