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TW200 bigger creek crossing Imogene Pass

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This short clip is a bigger creek crossing on Imogene Pass. We pondered crossing this flowing creek for a good half hour or so. My buddy on a klr and two other guys didnt think it was a good idea. I watched a few trucks with 31" tires go throught it and in one spot the water was to the top of there rim. So i was kinda worried about drowning her out but i was pretty optimistic about the ol TW and i making it across. So i finally said the hey with it, jumped on the bike and had to show the big bikes how its done.
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Check your link.... I'm not sure but I think the link is generic and is pointing to the most recent video on your shared list. If the viewer has a YouTube account they will see that same reference from their shared list. I'm getting a video from my own shared list when I click on the link. I can do a reply with a quote to see your link, then cut and paste it and it works okay, but clicking it from your post gives me one of my own videos. I'm really not sure how this is happening and I used to do this for a living!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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